In this section I've included links to other sites I recommend, both for writers and everyone else. And yes, I admit that some I have affiliate and/or business links with! However, they all feature products and services I have used personally and found genuinely helpful and good value for money. If you have any experiences to the contrary with any of the sites listed below, I would be most grateful to hear about them. Note that some of these sites (though by no means all) are UK specific.

This comprehensive website tells you everything you need to know about Amazon's new Kindle E-book Reader, which is taking the world by storm.

Find out about the natural dietary supplements that can help you beat stress and combat the effects of ageing. Writers need to stay healthy to stay productive - the resources described here will help you maintain and improve your general health.

This must-see site from Gary Harvey offers Internet marketing secrets for Internet home business. Visit for free ebooks and website tools, plus loads of tips and advice on running a net-based business. And don't forget to sign up for the free eProfitNews newsletter!

For a little bit of light relief!

This mini-site features independent reviews of driving guides and other useful information for UK motorists.

To my mind internet radio is one of the best reasons for investing in a broadband connection, and Radio Paradise is my current favourite station. It's a North American adult-oriented rock station. I find UK music radio has little to offer me, as stations either play current top 20 stuff (most of which isn't really my thing) or fall into the 'gold' category, playing exclusively music at least 10 years old. Radio Paradise plays some classic rock tracks, but they also broadcast an eclectic mix of the best rock music being made today, along with world music and occasionally forays into classical. I've found it great for discovering new bands and artists that I like, and an added bonus is that there are no advertisements to interrupt the music. There is also an online playlist, continuously updated, so you always know what you're listening to, and a facility to leave your comments on individual tracks and 'rate' them. If I ever find a better online radio station, I'll let you know! 

This is a unique resource for anyone who sells products or services on the web. Often the best, and always the quickest, way to generate internet sales is by using pay-per-click (PPC) search engines such as Overture and Google AdWords. Whatever you are selling, once you have bought this software, all you have to do is enter a related keyword (e.g. "generators") and the program will produce a list of ALL related keyword phrases, the number of searches that were conducted throughout the previous month for each phrase, and the number of advertising campaigns that currently exist, for both Google AdWords and Overture. Armed with this information, you can then tailor your PPC advertising campaigns to be as cost-efficient as possible.

Google Cash is an e-book for anyone who would like to boost their income via the net. It shows how, without even having a website of your own, you can make a good income promoting affiliate programs using Google Adwords. Like Ad Word Analyzer (above) this is essential reading for anyone currently involved in selling products or services via the web, but it is equally suitable for private individuals who want to boost their income in a few spare hours every week. No special technical skills are required, though as you have to write short advertisements, having some writing skills is a definite plus. Adwords are also a very good way of promoting your writing services. Again, even if you don't buy the book, the free e-mail newsletter is well worth signing up for.

Mailwasher is my favourite anti-spam software. From the link above you can download the shareware version of the program, which (among other things) allows you to pre-screen your e-mail before downloading it from your ISP's server. You can delete any spam messages directly from the server without downloading them, and even send a fake 'bounce' message to the sender so that he thinks your address is invalid (and hopefully deletes you from his list). The program will also identify any e-mails carrying viruses. Mailwasher Pro is a professional version of the software with full technical support. 

NEW! Visit my very own anti-spam site at www.stop-spam-email.co.uk for in-depth advice on combatting spam and many other useful resources.

Just because you are using a program such as Mailwasher (see above), you should not use this as an excuse for not having an anti-virus program. AVG is the program I use, and the best news is that for individual users it's free. The only 'catch' is that users of the free version are not eligible for free technical support. However, I found it simplicity itself to download and set up, and once it's on your computer it updates itself automatically without you having to do anything yourself. Again, highly recommended.

Globlet.com offers search engine optimization and pay per click management services.

Try this agency for all types of IT consulting work, from server administration to website design and maintenance. The WLPP IT Consulting Center is US-owned, but based in eastern Europe (where costs are lower). They offer a world-wide service, with 24/7 customer support. 

Euroffice specialises in providing a service to small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. They offer over 20,000 office products at 20%-80% off retail prices, along with a low price guarantee, free no-hassle returns and free 30-day credit account facility. Next day delivery is free for orders over 30.

Visit this site for the very best in Holidays to Cyprus, Majorca, Tenerife, Ibiza, Minorca, Las Palmas, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Costa De La Luz and more.



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